Eduardo Bolsonaro reproduces criticism of Trump’s son against Alec Baldwin – Politics

(photo: Angela Weiss / AFP) Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) shared a comment by the son of former US president Donald Trump Jr. in which he attacks American actor Alec Baldwin for his accidental shooting on a movie set. The shot killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza while shooting the film … Read more

How to issue proof of vaccination against Covid-19 in the Ministry of Health application

With the advancement of immunization against the Covid-19 virus, the pandemic is coming to an end. Consequently, long-awaited international travel is returning to normal. But, do you know how to issue proof of vaccination against Covid-19 in the Ministry of Health application? First, the Covid-19 National Vaccination Certificate is a document that proves a citizen’s … Read more

With ‘Libertadores atmosphere’ and bottled drinks in Neymar, PSG and Olympique de Marseille tie in the French superclassic

Classic Olympique Marseille x PSG was very busy and had two goals disallowed, but ended up even 0-0 In a very busy classic, marked by moments of tension, Marseille Olympics and PSG tied for 0 to 0, this Sunday, at the Velódrome stadium, in Marseille, for the 11th round of the French Championship. The two … Read more

Cássio receives the third yellow card and defrauds Corinthians against Chape; Xavier is expelled | corinthians

Corinthians will not have its own goalkeeper in the duel against Chapecoense, on November 1st, at Neo Química Arena. Cássio was on the hook and took the third yellow card during the 2-2 draw against Internacional, in Beira-Rio. The tendency is for the young Matheus Donelli, 19, to start for the fifth time this season, … Read more

Bill aims to prevent 2022 IPVA increase

January 2022 is approaching and with it a huge increase in IPVA. The reason is the high prices of used cars, one of the results of the snowball that started rolling with the pandemic in 2020. Although many are delighted with the maximizing value of their cars, they forget that the state tax is linked … Read more