10 AB Characteristics Kaitlyn Dever Must Capture in The Last of Us Season 2


  • Kaitlyn Dever needs to authentically portray Abby’s toughness through her fierce fighting skills in The Last of Us Season 2.
  • Humanizing Abby in the TV show required Dever to form believable on-screen friendships with co-stars.
  • To capture Abby’s complex character in The Last of Us Season 2, Dever will have to showcase Abby’s hidden weakness due to her cruelty.

Warning: This article contains spoilers the last of us part ii,

Kaitlyn Dever is a great casting choice to play Abby the last of us Season 2, but he’s a very complex character and a lot of dimensions have to be captured to make it a successful adaptation. Dever was the first new cast member to be announced. the last of us Season 2. She is joined by Isabella Merced as Dinah, Young Mazzino as Jesse, Spencer Lord as Owen, Danny Ramirez as Manny, Ariela Barer as Mel and Tati Gabrielle as Nora . But out of all these amazing actors, Dever is the hardest working actor ever.

since Part II Starting with Abby brutally murdering Joel, the game found it difficult to get players to sympathize with her as the story progressed. While most players could see Abby’s side of the story, some vocal players refused to see Joel’s death and accept Abby as a hero – and this with the added benefit of gameplay allowing the audience to actively support Abby. Was attracted towards. The TV show won’t have that luxury, so the onus will be on Dever to make Abby a sympathetic character the last of us season 2.


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10 Kaitlyn Dever has to show Abby’s cruelty

Abby hits a crowd of clickers with her bare hands

Abby standing in the rain in The Last of Us: Part 2

While Ellie’s gameplay relies heavily on her agility and her handy switchblade, Abby’s gameplay relies entirely on her brute strength. He doesn’t need a knife to clear away hordes of clickers; She can simply beat them to death with her bare hands. Dever doesn’t have the daring physicality of Abby, but that doesn’t mean she can’t capture her toughness. As long as Dever can play Abby’s ruthlessness authentically, she doesn’t need Abby’s biceps to do the character justice.

9 Abby’s fellowship with the rest of the Salt Lake Crew

Dever needed to build believable on-screen friendships with four co-stars

To Isaac’s displeasure, the so-called “Salt Lake Crew” is a faction whose loyalty to each other outweighs their loyalty to the rest of the Wolves. Abby’s ride-or-die friendships with Owen, Manny, Nora, and to a lesser extent, Mel are important in humanizing the character. In the last of us In Season 2, Dever needs to form credible long-term friendships with his four co-stars. The Salt Lake crew would do anything for each other, and their on-screen chemistry needs to reflect that.

8 Abby’s grief over her father’s death is key to our season 2 finale

Losing Jerry sends Abby down a dark path

Abby finds her father dead in The Last of Us Part II

The key to understanding Abby and why she wanted to kill Joel in the first place is to recognize the intense grief she feels over her father’s death. Jerry Anderson is the surgeon whom Joel killed – among several other fireflies – when he saved Ellie from a fatal operation. the last of us‘The final massacre of Season 1. If Dever can catch Abby’s grudge over Jerry’s death, It will be much easier to see his side of the story and understand his decision to seek revenge (if you don’t agree)., Her motivation is the same as Ellie.

7 Kaitlyn Dever needs to tap into Abby’s vengeful drive

Abby’s revenge mirrors Ellie’s in an interesting way

Abby is holding a gun in the theater in The Last of Us Part II

through the bulk of the last of us part iiIn the narrative, Ellie is solely focused on avenging Joel. When Abby first appears in the prologue, she is in exactly the same position, determined to make her father’s killer pay. The futility of Ellie’s quest for revenge is illustrated by Abby’s own vengeance in the opening act. If Dever doesn’t understand how passionately and narrow-minded Abby is in taking revenge on Joel, that foreshadowing won’t go well.

6 Kaitlyn Dever has to show Abby’s rebelliousness

AB authority does not respond well to data

Isaac talks to Abby in The Last of Us Part II

Continuous the last of us part ii, Abby doesn’t respond well when the officers tell her what to do. When Isaac tells her not to go after Owen and to stay in the stadium, she storms out of the stadium and goes after Owen anyway. Abby’s rebelliousness is one of her most relatable qualitiesSo Dever needs to show that side of himself to make the audience sympathize with the character.

5 Abby’s guilt over Joel’s murder is key to Abby’s arc in The Last of Us season 2

Dever needs to show that Abby is racked with guilt (and revenge won’t solve anything).

Abby with a golf club in The Last of Us Part II

Abby’s three-day journey through Seattle fascinatingly mirrors Ellie’s journey, as Abby is on the other side of Ellie’s quest for revenge. Ellie is determined to kill Joel’s killer, because she thinks it will make her feel better, but Abby has already learned the hard way that it won’t fix anything. At the beginning of the game, she kills her father’s murderer, Joel, and spends the rest of the story wracked with guilt. dewar needs to show this remorse the last of us Season 2 so Abby won’t be a ruthless killer who doesn’t deserve redemption.

4 Abby’s courage under fire is important to her character

No matter how outmatched she is, Abby is always ready to fight

Abby and Lev go into hiding in The Last of Us Part II

One of Abby’s best qualities is her courage. She is standing between Lev and the loaded gun. She fights Tommy just seconds after Tommy kills Manny (and with Manny’s blood still on her face). When she’s trapped in the dark in the woods with her hands tied and no weapons except her two clenched fists, and a horde of infected people moving through the darkness, Abby doesn’t panic; She gets ready to fight. Under the pressure of performing her role, Dever must capture Abby’s bravery and decency the last of us The second hero act of season 2.

3 Kaitlyn Dever needs to show Abby’s flexibility

Abby’s refusal to give up is her most admirable quality

At the end of the game, when Ellie finds Abby exhausted, emaciated, and being tortured to death on the shore, it highlights Abby’s resilience and refusal to give up. Abby is the first to save Lev as Ellie cuts him down from the pole. When Ellie threatens Lev to kill Abby if he doesn’t fight her, Abby puts up a huge fight. Dever needed to take advantage of Abby’s flexibility to make the character as admirable and heroic in the TV show as she is in the game.

2 Lev and Yara’s fierce protection of Abby is the key to her liberation

Abby’s relationship with Lev and Yara is reminiscent of Joel’s relationship with Ellie

While Abby’s grief over her father’s death is the key to understanding her motivation, her protectiveness towards Lev and Yara is the key to her redemption. Abby’s quest to care for Lev and Yara and keep them safe is poignantly reminiscent of Joel’s relationship with Ellie in the first game. After Lev and Yara save Abby from being hanged by the Seraphites, She becomes a kind of big sister to them, Lev and Yara haven’t been picked up for a TV show yet, but Dever loves those kids so much that she’d do anything to save them.

1 AB’s carefully guarded vulnerabilities

Abby hides her deep-seated vulnerability with exterior toughness

Abby is looking down in The Last of Us Part 2.

On the surface, Abby is a hardened badass who plays by her own rules and makes no mistakes. But inside he is insecure. She tries her best not to let her insecurities be exposed, but certain moments reveal the fear and helplessness that she desperately hides. Laura Bailey beautifully captured Abby’s carefully guarded vulnerability in the game, and Dever needs to follow in her footsteps with his performance the last of us season 2.

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