10 Movies you should show the BIG LOVE of your life

Not everyone manages to find the great love of their life. That person who, in the first steps of a relationship, you realize is someone you want to walk with for the rest of your journey. Thinking about this clipping and some stories that navigate the conflicts and strength of loves, follow below 10 movies you should show the love of your life:

Song One

In the plot, we meet the doctoral student in Anthropology, Franny (Anne Hathaway), a lonely young woman who travels the world doing her research. One day, she receives a call from her mother saying that her only brother has suffered a serious accident and is in a coma. So, she takes the first plane home and starts trying to get to know better the life of this brother who had become distant. After walking from one place to another that his brother frequented, fate puts James Forester (played by the South African artist Johnny Flynn), a famous indie singer, idol of his brother.

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In the plot, we meet the ex-convict Tim (Pio Marmaï) and Chloe (Camille Rutherford), two young people without much projection in life who live off the money the second earns working cleaning houses for a company. They have a daughter, Tommy (Rita Merle), which always ends up embarking on the crazy adventures that parents get into over the days before the start of classes.

love move

In the plot, we meet Gianni (Pierfrancesco Favino) a compulsive liar, self-centered, arrogant, who loves to parade his big car through the streets of Rome, owner of a shoe company with great success in the market who likes to brag to friends who are as macho as he is about his conquests, all of them based on lies to embark on soon disposable relationships. One day, trying to seduce the next-door neighbor of his recently deceased mother’s apartment, he ends up meeting the beautiful violinist Chiara (Miriam Leone), who years ago, after a tragic car accident, ended up losing the use of his legs. From this meeting, a relationship is born that grows but needs to face several conflicts because Gianni lies at first saying he is also paraplegic.

Sylvie’s Love

In the plot, in the strong era of Jazz in the United States, we meet Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha) a talented saxophonist, from humble origins, who plays in big nightclubs in a very prestigious quartet. To supplement the income he receives from performances with the band, he decides to accept a job at a vinyl store and there he meets Sylvie (Tessa Thompson), employee and daughter of the owner who has an advanced knowledge of music. Thus, the two begin to get to know each other and live a relationship full of obstacles and that goes beyond the time where dreams will be engines of support from one pair to the other.

Suk Suk – A Love in Secret

In the plot, we meet Pak (tai bo), a taxi driver who has spent the last two decades driving 18 hours a day to provide a decent living structure for his wife and children. One day he meets a man he soon falls in love with, the pensioner Hoi (Ben Yuen), father of a family who raised his son alone and today lives his days fighting for gay rights, helping his friends and seeking a better relationship with his now adult and increasingly distant son. These two souls will need to discover the size and strength of this relationship that is being established and, above all, what directions they would like to follow in the future.

Between love and passion

In the plot we are introduced to Margot and Lou, a very nice couple who face a crisis defined by sameness. The audience is guided into this relationship, which is soon exposed to a kind of loneliness, sadness that insists on taking over the environment. With the entry of a new neighbor in the story, Margot doesn’t know what to do, whether to stay faithful to her husband who writes books about cooking chickens or surrender to an overwhelming passion.

dumb heart

In the plot, we meet Esther (Ghita Norby), an elderly woman who at a certain point decided to end her life, but before that, decides to spend one last weekend with her family (who are fully aware of the imminent suicide). When the fateful day arrives, uncontrolled actions and emotions begin to take over the story, with many characters changing their minds at all times about the situation.

Leave the Light On

In the plot, we follow filmmaker Erik, a documentary filmmaker living in Manhattan, homosexual, who likes to meet people over the phone. On one of these calls, he meets closeted lawyer Paul. Their relationship becomes increasingly excessive, fueled by ups and downs and unusual behavior. Their fight is actually a great negotiation of the limits that both exceed with each new inconsequential action.


In the plot, based on real events and set in the late 50’s in the State of Virginia in the United States, we meet the couple Mildred (Ruth Negga) and Richard (Joel Edgerton), two human beings in love who decide to make their love official by getting married almost secretly in a very simple ceremony. But the authorities of the place where they live begin to persecute them, because, for being a white man and a black woman, at that time, marriage between them, in that city, was prohibited. Thus, facing all the prejudice of a region, they will face everyone always strengthened by the greatest of all feelings in the world, love.

A long journey

In the plot, we meet the cowboy Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood), a young man who after a serious accident with a fearsome bull, tries to regain good shape to win the world title he always dreamed of. In one of these rodeos, he ends up meeting student Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson), a determined young woman with many professional dreams about to be realized. Soon love begins its journey for the two lovebirds but everything in that area of ​​love is more difficult and when they cross paths with Mr. Ira Levinson (Alan Alda), depart towards an unexpected destination full of emotion.

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