10 mystery and horror movies to watch in 2023 on streams

Classic detective, psychological thriller or horror. If you’re looking for movie tips that premiered in 2023 on streams, see the suggestions below.

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Police, suspense and mystery on Amazon

In the 1950s, desperate Hollywood producers try to adapt a popular British play into a feature film. But when members of the team begin to be murdered, an inspector (Sam Rockwell) and his new partner (Saoirse Ronan) delve into London’s theater world to solve the mysterious crimes. Available on Star+

Amid the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, a pair of detectives goes after those responsible for a series of sinister events. Available on Netflix

A retired detective recruits a cadet named Edgar Allan Poe to help investigate a grisly murder at the US Military Academy.
Available on Netflix
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In an alleged “supernatural video”, Kanon is startled to see a girl who looks exactly like her. Who is it? Discomfort gives way to fear and Kanon travels to the location of the video, where she discovers secrets that trap her in a web of terror. Available on HBO Max

A classic that arrives on streaming. Joel Schumacher directs Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon in this chilling film in which a group of medical students seek to experience what lies beyond death… with terrifying consequences. Thriller nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound Editing and Visual Effects. Available on HBO Max

One of the most sensational cases in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s archives begins with a fight for a boy’s soul and then takes them beyond anything they’ve ever seen. Available on Amazon Prime

Director James Wan goes back to his roots with the original, haunting thriller “Malignant”. In the film, a woman suffers from shocking visions of brutal murders, but her torment worsens when she discovers that these waking nightmares are actually frightening realities. Available on Amazon Prime

When two strangers – Fred, an aspiring writer and Fanny – a successful author, are trapped in a cabin during a blackout, they compete to see who can tell the scariest story. Available on HBO Max

Watson is about to marry his beloved Mary Morstan. However, the one thing he didn’t count on was that his friend Holmes would come up with a new conspiracy theory that Professor Moriarty would be behind a series of murders. Available on Amazon Prime

By Stephen King. As a child, Danny Torrance survived an attempted murder by his father, a writer troubled by the evil spirits of the Overlook Hotel. As an adult, traumatized and alcoholic. Danny settles down in a small town, where he takes a job at the local hospital. His peace, however, is withWith the days numbered from when he creates a telepathic bond with Abra, a girl with powers as strong as those he blocks within himself. Available on Amazon Prime

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