Observation Is a Sci-fi Adventure for the PlayStation VR

The observation was one of the games highlighted yesterday in State of Play, the live broadcast of PlayStation which announced several new features.

In 2026, in the near future, in the game, you will take control of SAM (Systems Administration & Maintenance), an artificial intelligence placed in the Low Orbit Space Station.

What makes the premise interesting is that at the beginning of the game, a mysterious event caused SAM to restart, putting most of its systems offline. To solve the situation, the AI will have to collaborate with Dr. Emma Fisher to restore the systems and find out what happened to the station and the rest of the crew.

Your perspective throughout the game will be through the network of SAM CCTV cameras. Through the AI systems; you’ll have to solve puzzles and watch Dr. Emma Fisher. One of the mysteries to solve is that SAM gained self-consciousness, which should not happen to an AI.

Observation will release in May for the PlayStation VR. A PC version was also initially planned for studio No Code, but so far no more details have been revealed.