English Players Are More Inclined To The Ps5 Than Xbox Scarlett

We have published a report from Harris Entertainment that shows a relatively large interest by English consumers about Google Stadia. However, this same report has other, equally impressive, information.

At one point in the study, participants are asked to figure out what their buying plans are when the next generation of consoles arrives (rumored to be right outside).

In 2146 interviews with people between 16 and 64 years old. PlayStation 5 was the winner: 38% of respondents said they are considering buying Sony’s new console, with 41% saying that it is their “purchase more probable”. Compared to the Xbox Scarlett. The values fall a little: 26% say they consider buying it, with only 24% saying that it is their “most likely purchase.”

Switch is also on the list: 21% of respondents said they considered buying Nintendo Switch 2, with 17% saying it was their “most likely purchase”. If you still do not know, rumors have already surfaced of a possible launch of two new Nintendo Switch this year.


The list also addresses another platform – the recently announced Google Stadia. 25% consider “buying” the service while 19% prove to be the most likely purchase they will make. Despite its still embryonic nature, it is already possible to denote an interest on the part of the population towards the streaming service of Google.

These are data corresponding to the UK market. Do you think it will be similar in Portugal? Write in the comments what you think!

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