Final Fantasy XV Team Already Working On New Game

final fantasy xv

The team responsible for Final Fantasy XV is already working on a new large-scale project.

After the departure of Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix’s Luminous Productions canceled plans to release four new episodes for that game and decided to release just one – Episode: Ardyn that is already available.

Now that the Final Fantasy 15 chapter seems to be over, Luminous Productions has moved on.

In an interview with Famitsu, Takefumi Terada, responsible for the additional episodes that released for Final Fantasy 15. Confirmed that Luminous Productions is ready to fulfill its purpose: to create AAA games.

Terada says that Luminous Productions desire to work on a new original large-scale game and asks fans to stay calm. Confirming that the new project is already underway.

For now, we still do not know what will be the next project of this team and if it inserted in a known series, but we will continue waiting for news.