Fortnite Helicopter Resumes Position Change


Fortnite is much more than a game where people battle until there remains only one player. Epic Games, season after season. Introduces a series of little mysteries in its funky game that leaves its fans in true bliss – and the current season is no exception.

After the cube Kevin who has been rolling all over the map and from the house in Loot Lake to fly over the corrupted areas of the map. It is now the helicopter’s turn to “take the stage.”

Beginning their journey a bit north of the volcano, game users have already reported the vehicle in 8 locations around the island. Recently landing in Viking Village and whose next location may be Pleasant Park (see map below). But what will be its functionality?

fortnite map
Reddit u / seawod

There are already several theories circulating on the Internet: one reveals that the helicopter is only “doing a perimeter inspection before launching the bombs” while others suggest that the vehicle is inspecting all the old craters in search of Hop Rocks.

In any case, it is more than likely that some event is close to him. Most likely when the helicopter completes the cycle. Do you have any thoughts on the functionality of the helicopter? Already detected it?