Driveclub Will Be Removed From PlayStation Store


Released in October 2014, Driveclub was a long-awaited and highly controversial Sony launch for its PlayStation 4.

Praised for its graphics and gameplay. Driveclub hit stores with server problems and some functionality. Something that did not go well with many of those who waited an extra year for their arrival.

Now, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Driveclub. Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes will be removed from PlayStation Store on August 31, 2019. And all online features will be closed by March 31, 2020.

Driveclub, Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes servers will be shut down in a year and in the meantime. Sony will remove the game from its digital stores. Such as the expansion with the bikes and the Season Pass.

Whoever bought Driveclub in digital format will continue to have access to the game and will be able to play the offline modes, but will lose access to online features.

Sony also confirmed that the online and multiplayer features of StarBlood Arena will end on July 25, 2019.