Risk of Rain 2 Available On Steam In Early Access

Hopoo Games has unexpectedly launched Risk of Rain. A cooperative shooter with rogue-like mechanics, on Steam (in early access) and you can already buy it.

The original came in 2013 and beyond critical acclaim, Risk of Rain enthused the players with their action and platforms.

Risk of Rain 2 bets on the same format, but adds several new features and changes. Minimalist aesthetics and 2D perspective gave way to colorful 3D visuals – the main novelty.

It can play solo or in teams of four players and features levels, items, enemies and random bosses.

According to Hopoo, the Risk of Rain 2 loop. It’s multiplayer is already fully implemented in this Early Access version, where you’ll find 75 items, six characters, and six bosses.

Within a year, there will be version 1.0 that will increase the characters to 10. And it will be possible to play 10 levels, face 12 bosses and get over 100 items.

For those who buy Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access on Steam as fast as possible, by 19:00 on 30 March, to be precise, you will receive a second copy to give to a friend.