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Fallout 76 Was A Success And Has Millions Of Players, Says Todd Howard

Fallout 76 was a troubled release for Bethesda. But the company has reinforced its commitment to continue and continue to present updates that will improve it.

During a special Fallout 76 broadcast on PAX East 2019, executive producer Todd Howard was asked what Fallout 76 is and what this new Bethesda game represents.

In his response, which you can see in the video below, as of 30:55 minutes, Howard speaks of a problem release but also speaks of a community of millions still playing Fallout 76.

“For us, Fallout 76 is a very, very new thing for our studio,” Howard began.

“We knew we would have a lot of stumbling blocks in the game and had some, some of them a lot more difficult than we anticipated. This is a very different and new project for us.”

” We continue to do more traditional things, or what I would call them, Bethesda games,” Howard says.

“We’ve built up the studios, we’re now four different studios in North America, in Rockville, Austin, Dallas, and Dallas. Montreal and this was a game that demanded so much for the people of these four studios to work on the game. ”

“We knew the launch was going to be just the beginning. We’re excited that the game has been very successful.”

According to Howard, Fallout 76 has millions of players who share their feedback with the team, sometimes too exalted, and continue to work on news and improvements.

” We have a huge, millions of players, and a large player base in this game; we are receiving tons of feedback. We aim to build a kind of Fallout platform. We have tons of ideas, it’s been a crazy journey so far, and we are excited, there’s a ton of cool content on the way. “

Howard says the experience has been incredible and that in 2019, as in the next few years, the great news is on the way for Fallout 76.

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