Phil Spencer In Japan To Prepare E3 And The Future

Phil Spencer, boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, is ready to head back to Japan and talk to studios and publishers about the future.

After an E3 2018 marked by big revelations coming from Japan. Such as Devil May Cry 5 and Jump Fore, the Xbox seems ready to repeat the dose in 2019 and Spencer will travel to prepare it.

Through Twitter, Spencer shared that he will visit not only Japan but also Korea. Thinking about the future and how fun it will be to talk to the Japanese creators.

“Looking forward to the week in Korea and Japan, visiting studios and publishers,” said Phil Spencer.

“I’m always inspired by the great games these studios are delivering. Talking about E3 and getting feedback on future plans is always fun.”

Through their efforts, Spencer and the Xbox division have managed to bring a number of high profile Japanese games to Xbox One. But there is certainly a will for more, as he himself confirms.

The desire to maintain a good relationship with Japanese studios and publishers remains, which could make Microsoft’s E3 2019 highly exciting for fans of Japanese culture.

Are there any Japanese series that you would like to have on your Xbox One