Big And Ambitious

Hello Games To Produce New Game “Big And Ambitious”

Hello, Games has very busy hands. In addition to adapting Man’s Sky to virtual reality and developing The Last Campfire, presented during The Game Awards. He revealed that he is also busy with a new big and ambitious game.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, told GamesRadar that “we’re still excited about No Man’s Sky and we’re working on it, but we’re doing other things as well.”

“We’re busy with The Last Campfire, which is a small side project.” “We’ve also started something new – that’s big, ambitious and silly. But we’re still a small team, we do a lot between us, but I think it’s because we’re so involved.”

“And now, we do things because we’re excited about them. We’re pretty productive when we’re excited about something; it’s genuinely where we are now.”

It was from this passion of Hello Games that came the version of No Man’s Sky for virtual reality. In the recently held PlayStation VR event in New York, Hello Games told us that they have decided to bet on this version after experiencing other virtual reality games.

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