Assassin’s Creed: A clue to the next episode hidden in The Division 2?

Ubisoft would lead us by the end of the nose? While many players imagine the third episode in ancient Rome, an index spotted in The Division 2 takes us a little further north. Much more, in fact.

Indeed, a user answering the alias of AlifMorrisonudin has just posted his recent discovery on the Fandom dedicated to the other series of infiltration of Ubisoft. As you can see in our gallery of images. A poster presentation in The Division 2 presents under the term Valhalla (a kind of the equivalent of the idea of paradise for our northern neighbors) a character dressed in the iconic colors of the brotherhood assassins.

And if the image does not convince you, a small zoom letting appear the legendary Apple of Eden could perhaps arrange things … The next Assassin’s Creed would be located in the Far North? That would be surprising, especially after the Origins and Odyssey episodes.

What do you think of this Ubisoft teasing? Would you be up for a snowy episode?

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