For Prince Harry, Fortnite “Should Not Be Allowed”

Fornite Harry

Because of its immense popularity and appeal to young people, Fortnite has become a social phenomenon. And as often when it comes to a social phenomenon. Everyone has an opinion, more or less well informed, about it. That of Prince Harry will not fail to make people talk and awaken old fears in people who do not play.

During a recent YMCA visit to West London, Prince Harry publicly attacked Fortnite.

As reported on the BBC website, the Duke of Sussex has simply stated that the game should be banned because of the addiction problems he may cause:

This game should not be allowed. What are the benefits of having this game in your home?

It was created to generate an addiction. An addiction whose purpose is to keep you in front of your computer as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.

The current situation is to wait until the damage is done. Families are destroyed and the kids come to your door (YMCA, ed).

Prince Harry is clearly alarmist in making such statements. It seems, in any case, to be in agreement with the World Health Organization which recently integrated the “video game disorder” in the International Classification of Diseases. At the time of writing, Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, did not respond to these statements.