Octopath Traveler In Approach On Pc? The Index From South Korea


Here is the proof by three that the walls fade, as once sang a certain Mark Maggiori: while we thought the neo-retro J-RPG Octopath Traveler exclusive to the Nintendo portable console. Here is the game could well point the end of its pixels on PC

This is in any case what we can legitimately think. While the title published by Nintendo in the West has just appeared on the site responsible for the classification of games in South Korea. Suppressed since, the card suggests that it is Bandai Namco who would take care of the edition of the title on PC. A tracking sum quite logical when one knows that the latter regularly takes care of the distribution of the titles of Square Enix in the Republic of South Korea.

It only remains to wait to find out if the official announcement will also affect the rest of the world. Recall for all intents and purposes that an episode for smartphones called Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is expected for this year in Japan.

Are you going to enjoy the arrival of Octopath Traveler on PC to try it? Let us know your pixelated opinions in the comments.