Destiny 3 Will Be Difficult And Aimed At A Hardcore User, According To A Leak

Destiny 3

In recent days, numerous Destiny 3 rumors have emerged online. Launching them was an alleged insider who on Reddit is known as ShadowOfAnonTheNine, who claims to be in contact with one of the Bungie developers.

In addition to having talked about worlds, enemies, and history, the user in question also expressed himself on the type of experience that will be offered by the third chapter of the saga, the first to see the light without Activision’s label. According to the statement, “Destiny 3 will provide the hardcore user more than anything else. This game, presumably, will be more difficult than the previous ones, and will pay much more attention to the way of playing the hardcore community”. With this goal in mind, the team would be thinking of implementing a progression more focused on RPG elements.

We would like to clarify that we are faced with unofficial information, never confirmed by those directly concerned. In any case, this is an interesting starting point for discussion: would you like to play Destiny even more difficult and with more RPG elements? Tell us your comments! What is certain is that it will be really interesting to discover the turn the franchise will take after the separation between Bungie and Activision.

Meanwhile, the Destiny Season continues in Destiny 2. On Tuesday, April 9, the Week of the Arch will begin, which will see the return of the exotic enterprise of the Lord of Thunder, and a patch will be published that will increase the drop rate of Mille Voci.