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GTA Vice City Honored In Miami With A Beautiful Mural

Few games can trigger an attack of nostalgia in the minds of gamers like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The title of Rockstar Games succeeded us already at the time of its release, is a tribute to the Florida of the 80s, which we were able to appreciate in Scarface and in series like Miami Vice.

An unknown artist has therefore well thought of paying homage to him in that of Miami – the city to which the fictional Vice City is inspired – by creating a beautiful mural on the wall of a house. The work portrays the artwork of two well-known characters, who stand out both on the loading screens and on the cover of the game: we are talking about the now iconic girl in a pink bikini (one of the twins, Stella or Bella) and Sonny Forelli, the main enemy of the protagonist Tommy Vercetti.

You can admire the work in the photograph attached at the bottom of the news, which was taken by a passing fan and shared on Reddit. This is a relatively recent work, since, as Dualshockers points out, the same building appears bare on Google Maps. Look for yourself, the address is 274 NW 32nd Street, Miami, Florida.

What do you think? Speaking of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, two modders have recently made a high-resolution texture package developed on a PC developed from a Neural Artificial Intelligence.

Was in Miami for spring break and found this. Instant nostalgia… from GTA

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