The New Anthem Patch Will Balance The Loot And The Forzieri Elisi

Anthem Patch

The global community manager of BioWare, Jesse Anderson, has anticipated on Twitter some of the changes that will be introduced in Anthem by the update that will be published tomorrow April 8th.

Anderson said that tomorrow’s April 8 patch will significantly reduce the chances of getting equipment for players that are little used: “If you play with Storm, you should almost always get Storm or universal items”. Therefore, finding “useless” objects for little-used Strali will become a “very rare” occurrence. 

Apparently, the patch will also focus on the Forzieri Elisi, rewards introduced in the game at the end of last month. These cases, we recall, can be obtained at the end of each Roccaforte and reward players with objects of a purely cosmetic nature. Their opening is tied to the use of Elise Keys, which can be earned by completing daily tasks. The community manager said that starting tomorrow “the contents of the Forzaeri Elisi will appear immediately after the completion of the Roccaforte”.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments! In recent days there has been much talk of BioWare and Anthem. Unfortunately, not in a positive way. An article by Jason Schreirer of Kotaku shed light on the tormented processing of the game, which would have caused anxiety and depression to employees and prompted the team to restart the development of Dragon Age 4.