The Windows 10 Game Bar Receives New Features Like Spotify And Chat

Windows 10 Gamer

Through an official statement published on Xbox Wire, Microsoft has announced many new features for the Windows 10 Games Bar, a feature that many PC players don’t even know they have available, called in-game with the combination Windows + G.

Currently, the bar allows you to take screenshots, capture videos, stream on Mixer and adjust the audio. Thanks to the latest update – currently only available for Insider members – it has been enriched with many new features, such as support for Spotify. Thanks to it, players can listen to and manage their music library from the comfort of their game, without reducing it to an icon.

Also, new tools have been introduced for managing screenshots and videos, which can now be shared or edited directly in the Games Bar. If desired, it is even possible to create memes. Friends and chats have finally become accessible in-game, just like on more advanced clients like Steam, Origin and the like. Before now, players were forced to reduce the game to an icon and launch the Xbox app. The news does not end here since it has also been added the possibility to follow the streaming on the Mixer and customize the interface.

All the news will be made available to all players as part of one of the upcoming Windows updates. If you are curious to try them in the preview, you can join the Insider program by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub application from the Microsoft Store. All these improvements are the result of a campaign launched by Microsoft in recent months, during which it specifically asked for suggestions to players.