Yakuza For Nintendo Switch Is Still Not In Sega’s Plans

Although the Yakuza series does not have much to do with the Nintendo home platforms (only Ryū ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD for Wii U, exclusive to the Japanese market, appears on the roll), from time to time questions about the possible arrival of the series on Nintendo Switch.

During an interview granted to IGN Japan, the producer of the series Toshihiro Nagoshi again found himself talking about the topic, specifying that SEGA has no plan to bring the action/adventure series in the third person on the hybrid console, at least for the moment. This is a somewhat different statement from that released by Daisuke Sato last July, which talked about Nintendo Switch as a platform not suitable for the series. On that occasion, it was justified by explaining that in 2013 Ryū ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD for Wii U turned out to be a complete failure (just 2,000 copies sold in the first week).

The interviewer then asked Nagoshi if he would like to see Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The producer found this occurrence very amusing, only to joke that Masahiro Sakurai, the father of the fighting game, would not want them in his game. The Yakuza series, we remember, will soon be back on PlayStation 4 with a brand new chapter that, according to the developers, will be very different from the previous ones.

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