Before Closing, TellTale Wanted To Develop A New Type Of Games

The Creative Director of The Walking Dead Final Season, Kent Mudle, shared with GameSpot colleagues an interesting background about the last months of TellTale Games and the ambitions of the software house for its future projects that, unfortunately, will never see the light due to failure.

The current creative director of Skybound Games, in fact, reveals that at that time the development team was not at all worried about the fate of the company and that, although there had been warnings in the previous months, he and his group were busy evolving the playful language of the company’s titles.

“In reality we were planning to transform TellTale into a studio capable of creating new types of games, with new graphics engines and experiences that, in a sense, could be called more daring” , Mudle revealed, adding immediately after that “TWD Final Season has always been thought to be the last title of its kind, the ‘swan song’ of TellTale’s graphic adventures, with the system of choice, the storytelling, and all these things. We were always trying to be the best at that kind of games, but we knew it was such a long series that we needed to pay a lot of tribute to the past “.

Regarding the final season of the post-apocalyptic epic starring Clementine, the former TellTale developer concluded by explaining that “we wanted to do something original with the last episodes of the Final Season and give the user the chance to guess which direction would have taken the team in the future”.

For further details, we present the special by Gabriele Laurino dedicated to the rise and fall of TellTale, with considerations regarding the latest project of The Walking Dead Final Season, the spiritual legacy left by the Californian authors and the reasons that led the company videogame to close its doors.

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