Behind the Scenes of the Outer Worlds: The Team Comments on the Development of the New RPG

During the PAX East 2019, the editors of US Gamer were able to interview the team atThe Outer Worlds. During this chat, some interesting background stories of game development were discussed.

Particularly interesting is the comment provided by Charles Staples, Lead Designer of The Outer Worlds, who pointed out how, from his perspective, ” […] It was a great challenge to try to realize the type of game we are trying to make within “The times at our disposal. We want to do a lot. There are many great ideas, and numerous systems, and different types of gameplay. It is a lot of work to put together, and it was a challenge, but I think the gameplay is taking shape and being fun. We have fun playing it. ” 

Among the choices made by the Team, we find that to include the possibility of attacking the NPCs in The Outer Worlds, while the introduction of crafting mechanics was excluded. The authors have also decided not to add the chance of developing a romance in the game. In this regard, Tim Cain, Co-Director of the game, declares: ” I think there is a lot of work to do. […] If we can’t do it well, we are not going to do it because the amount of narrative we should concentrate on making it work would be intense “. On this point his colleague Leonard Boyarsky also expressed himself, stressing that the Team did not want to trivialize the theme and how the focus was to create characters in the round.