Does Halo Infinite Have A Budget Of $500 Million?

According to the German site Xbox Dynasty, Microsoft would have allocated 500 million dollars for the production of Halo Infinite, the new ambitious episode of the series, supposedly arriving in 2020.

Xbox Dynasty lets you know ” that you have heard about GDC 2019 of a budget of $ 500 million for the development of Halo Infinite “, this is what the German producer Ralf Adam reports, the figure in question concerns only the development of the game and not it would, therefore, include the costs of marketing, distribution, and localization.

At the moment the game in development with the widest budget available is Halo Infinite. It has an immensely larger budget than that of Red Dead Redemption 2, ” continues Adam, who finally reiterates ” we are talking about a huge figure, but being a rumor I don’t mean precise figures, but we really talk about a crazy figure … 200? 500 million? Maybe … or maybe many more …

The quoted budget could also include the costs necessary for the development of the new SlipSpace engine currently in production in the 343 Industries studios and which will be used not only for Halo Infinite but also for the upcoming episodes of the saga. Infinite is also expected to debut not only on Xbox One, but the launch also seems expected even on PC and Xbox Scarlett, hence the need to draw on a high budget for the development and production of the project.