Fallout 76

“Fallout 76 Is Doing Very Well, Millions Of Players Are Playing It”

At the Bethesda Game Days, Todd Howard also talked about Fallout 76, stating that the game is going “very, very well,” reports Gearnuke.

As we can see, Fallout 76 has experienced one of the most fluctuating launches that a game can ever have, but despite the uncertainties, including bugs, broken promises, lawsuits, premature price cuts and much more, according to the Game Director and of the executive producer the game is facing problems and has received a lot of feedback due to the large base of players that play it.

“We have a huge base of millions of players in this game; we are getting tons of feedback. We aim to build some sort of Fallout platform. We have a lot of ideas, it has been a crazy journey so far and we are excited, there is a lot of nice content on the way. It was an incredible experience. We will do everything possible to reward it this year, next year and in the coming years, we have planned great things. “

Positive signs from the developers and the community for Fallout 76 and its future, what do you think?

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