The Former Bioware Leader Talks About The Difficult Launch Of Anthem

Let’s face it, beyond the numbers, the launch of Anthem was one of the most difficult of this generation, as well as controversial titles like Fallout 76, No Man’s Sky and Star Wars Battlefront 2, and it has not yet fully recovered from the initial difficulties.

Although the game is now going quite smoothly, thanks in part to Anthem’slatest update , in fact, the bad first impression he gave to the players is difficult to change, and the disastrous start of the game was difficult to watch for everyone , also for the esteem that the videogame industry generally has towards BioWare.

The former leader of the software house, Aaryn Flynn, talked about it in a recent interview, defining the launch of Anthem as surreal, and difficult to watch. Flynn had been one of the project leaders before leaving the company, so his disappointment is more than understandable.

“Surreal is a good word to define it. It is difficult, and at the same time I know that they are working hard on it. The fiscal years are what they are, there is no need to hit your head a lot to understand what happened”.

From the words of Flynn, therefore, it could be deduced that EA would have pushed to let the game out in time to close the fiscal year in March, adding Anthem’s earnings, or at least it seems to imply the developer implicitly.

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