The Fortnite Shop Is Updated With Hime And The Skull Demonic: The News Of April 8th

Fortnite Shop

After the arrival of Fortnite’s Easter skins, it’s time for some Mephistopheles on the in-game shop of Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale, which as usual is updated daily with new skins, items and more.

The novelties of today ‘s Fortnite store concern two legendary orientalist outfits called Hime and Musha, but above all the very disturbing Demon Skull pick, which as it can be easily guessed from the name, is in the shape of a fire-breathing hellish demon skull.

The rare Cat’s Claw and the Purrfect glider complete the picture. As for the daily sales instead, the Recon Specialist and Dominator skins are back on sale, along with the rare Spectral Ax and two dances: Clean Groove and Smooth Moves.

To see in detail all the new Fortnite store entrances, you can click on the source link or on the tweet at the bottom of the news. 

What do you think? What is your new favorite item? Will you buy anything from the Fortnite shop today or wait for more meat to be cooked by tomorrow?