The Last of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2 In 2019? Naughty Dog Responds To Rumors About The Release Date

Last week some rumors spread that indicated the release of The Last of Us 2 in 2019, a hypothesis which, however, seemed unlikely to many … to these voices answers Arne Meyer, Naughty Dog Community Manager.

At the moment I can’t say much, I can tell you that we will provide new information on The Last of Us 2 when we are ready to reveal more details about the game, for the moment we thank you for your patience “, these are the words of Meyer, who in fact they add nothing new to what we already know.

Evidently, it is still early to share new details on The Last of Us 2, difficult at the moment to say if the game will actually come out in 2019 or if it will come later, perhaps in the course of 2020. The voices that would like the sequel are becoming more and more insistent. of The Last of Us also coming out on PlayStation 5 as a Cross-Platform game, already available at the launch of the next Sony console. According to other rumors, however, the release date of The Last of Us 2 would be set for October 2019.

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