Will Nintendo Direct In April Be Broadcast This Week?

As reported by Intel Gaming, the next Nintendo Direct would be imminent: the broadcast of the show seems to be scheduled for this week and more precisely for April 11th.

In the past Gaming, Intel has precisely revealed the date of other Nintendo Direct and for this, the new rumor has immediately gained credibility. The indicated date ( Thursday 11 April ) among other things would follow a pattern usually adopted by Nintendo, which in the past transmitted Direct (almost) always in the first half of the month and very often on Thursday.

Considering the low notice usually reserved for the announcements of the new Direct, we could know more between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it is not excluded however that the plans may have changed or that the source has provided an inaccurate indication.

A new Direct could be the right occasion to reveal details on projects like Bayonetta 3, Animal Crossing and Super Mario Maker 2, as well as to reveal new games for highly rattled switches like Persona 5 and Metroid Prime Trilogy.