According To Cory Barlog, Steve Spohn And Other Developers, Accessibility Does Not Affect The Artistic Vision Of A Video Game

In these days a heated debate has opened up about making the latest work by From Software, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, more accessible (by inserting difficulty levels). For some, this would make the game enjoy a wider audience, for others it would distort the creative component of the game.

As the report, various figures from the industry participated in the debate, stating that greater accessibility has never compromised their creative vision. the director of God of War stated:

” Accessibility has not compromised (and never will) my creative vision. “

“Having a one-button (easy automatic) mode in Bayonetta does not make the PurePlatinum mode any less difficult, it does not ruin your experience ” – declared JP Kellams, former creative producer of Platinum Games.

Over the years, more and more video games have included more accessible modes, for example in the recent Spider-Man it is possible to avoid puzzles, increase the size of the subtitles, activate automatic QTEs and hold down the buttons instead of pressing them each time.

Where do you stand in this heated debate?

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