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Anthem: Reported Problems With The New Patch

During the night the rollout of Anthem patch was concluded, this massive update has solved various game issues but it seems to have not corrected some “historical” bugs that continue to be present especially on Xbox One.

The new update solves a problem with the Loot drop tied to Strali, fixes a bug of NVIDIA Highlights, solves problems with the Newsfeed and respawn, as well as balancing the Loot and the Forzieri Elisi as highlighted in the changelog of the patch of Anthem , however some members of the community do not seem to be fully satisfied.

Anthem’s official Reddit channel and social networks have quickly filled with reports and criticisms to highlight that many of the apparently correct problems are still present, both as regards the Loot / Respawn and the technical profile.

At the moment BioWare has not commented on the reactions of the community, as repeatedly stated by the study ” Anthem is a constantly evolving project ” and further updates will be released very soon, a recent leak has revealed new content coming, confirming the will of the team to continue supporting the game.

Even the previous update had brought various bugs, causing the community’s discontent, BioWare should make the work of distributing updates more effective, a process that the company is probably already working on, with the aim of further improving management and patch publication.

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