Apex Legends: The Ranking Of The Most Popular Characters

Apex Legends

Play Apex has released the ranking of the most popular characters of Apex Legends, based on their usage statistics, tracked from the site in question along with other data on the Titanfall authors’ Battle Royale.

We thus discover that Wraith is the most used legend ever, after all, it is now an iconic character of the universe of Apex Legends, widely considered the true mascot of the game. Good success also for Octane, which earns second place despite being made available more than a month after the launch of the game, simultaneously with Season 1. Below, the ranking disseminated by Play Apex:

  1. Wraith – 18.8%
  2. Octane – 16.8%
  3. Lifeline – 15.1%
  4. Pathfinder – 13.2%
  5. Bangalore – 12.9%
  6. Bloodhound – 7.8%
  7. Mirage – 6.2%
  8. Caustic – 4.9%
  9. Gibby – 4.3%

On the lowest step of the podium, we find Lifeline, the ranking is completed with Pathfinder, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage, Caustic and Gibby. According to statistics, the players of Apex Legends are used to change character quickly, a clear sign of how Respawn managed to create an extremely varied cast that could positively hit the community, so much so that it did not fossilize on a single hero like it often happens in other Battle Royales.