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Borderlands 3: Troy Baker May Not Return To The Role Of Rhys

Rhys, one of the main protagonists of Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale’s narrative title set in the Gearbox game universe, as seen in the trailer for Borderlands 3, will also play a role in the third chapter of the series, but perhaps with a different voice actor.

Troy Baker, actor and well-known voice actor in the video game world, participated in a recent Q&A at an event in Melbourne, during which he was asked precisely if he will return to resume his role in Borderlands 3. This is the answer: “I really wish Gearbox knows that if they want to bring characters from the Telltale Borderlands they should be interpreted by the people who gave them origin”.

An answer that suggests that no, he should not be the one to lend the voice to Rhys. In truth, there would still be a little hope. While on the one hand, the role of the character in the game could be totally marginal, so it was not worth spending a lot of money to hire Baker, who is one of the most well-known and paid voice actors in the gaming industry, on the other just in anticipation of a secondary role, Gearbox may not have started casting yet to record the lines, which could be why the actor has not yet been contacted.

Whatever it is, all we have to do is wait. In the meantime, have you already taken a first look at the protagonists of Borderlands 3? The game will be released on September 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I was at Supanova Melbourne yesterday & I managed to ask Troy Baker if he is returning as Rhys in BL3 which he replied with "I’m sorry to break it to y’all, that isn’t me" — (sorry for vertical video, con had rules bout vid recordings during panels) from borderlands3

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