Borderlands Intro Recreated With Apex Legends Characters


Many have noticed similarities between the Apex Legends characters and Borderlands heroes so that a Reddit user decided to recreate the intro of the Gearbox game in Respawn’s Battle Royale. The result? You can see it at the bottom of the news …

The author used the song “Ain’t no rest for the wicked” by Cage the Elephant to recreate the introductory sequence of Borderlands (released in 2009 and returned in a remastered version on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) using, however, the legends of Apex Legends. The comments received were largely positive, even if some inconsistencies are noted with respect to the original intro, in any case, it is certainly an interesting and certainly noteworthy work, which unites two universes apparently not so far apart.

In particular, Octane, a legend introduced with Season 1 of Apex Legends, reminded many of a possible Borderlands character thanks to its over-the-top design and aesthetic appearance in line with that of Gearbox Software production.

I made a borderlands intro with the apex legends characters from apexlegends