Devil May Cry 5: A New Paid DLC Unlocks All In-game Content

Devil May Cry 5

Capcom has released a new DLC for Devil May Cry 5 called “In-Game Unlock Bundle” and is now available for download from Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store for 9.99 euros. But what exactly does this package contain?

The paid DLC allows you to immediately unlock all the in-game content normally obtainable by playing, it is a special in-app purchase obviously designed for those who do not have too much time but still want to unlock the extra content of the game. We read the official description published by Capcom:

” Instantly unlocks content that is otherwise obtained by playing: Super Character 3-Pack (usually acquired by completing Dante must die), Taunt Trio (usually costs 3,000,000 red gems), V & Vergil Alt Colors. Note: I super characters can be used from mission 2 onwards. This content can be purchased separately or unlocked during the game, so it is advisable to pay attention and not make double purchases.

Obviously, the purchase of this DLC is totally optional, all the extra contents mentioned can be unlocked simply by playing and without having to buy anything.