Devil May Cry: Announced The Bloody Palace Board Game!

Devil May Cry

Steamforged Games has announced the imminent arrival of a new Kickstarter campaign dedicated to the Devil May Cry board game, entitled The Bloody Palace. Fundraising will start this spring.

The game is made in collaboration with Capcom, the company speaks of “a game easy to learn, fast and extremely dynamic” that will allow you to take control of characters like Trish, V, Nero, and Dante with the aim of eliminating opponents getting the highest degree of style thanks to spectacular combos.

Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace will include a large number of miniatures and action cards, as well as a board that should recreate the atmosphere of DMC. At the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Steamforged Games will publish the manual and several introductory videos to the game, so we await further details.

Steamforged Games has already produced the Dark Souls board games and Resident Evil 2, thus proving to be particularly close to the world of video games, as soon as the fundraising campaign will go online we will certainly have new information on this ambitious and interesting project