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Field Of Glory: Empires, Lots Of News About The Game From Slitherine

Slitherine has released some important updates on their new strategic title coming up, Field of Glory: Empires. In particular, the software house has focused on the conditions for winning the game, which can be satisfied in different ways.

Empires is in fact focused on building a nation that can last over time, so its results are to be assessed through the inheritance that the player will leave with, and not simply by winning more parts of the map ( even if this approach will still be a possibility to be exploited).

If you decide to try a military approach, for example, you will have to plan your campaigns in order to conquer and maintain your regions, which are different depending on the country and represent their real historical progress and their areas of interest to keep in consideration.

In fact, every nation has several possible paths to follow: for example, Rome has interests both in Carthage, Spain, and Africa, and in Macedonia and Asia Minor, and the player will have to take them into account for the future.

Another way to consolidate one’s future legacy is to make one’s regions very cultured, by investing in the right buildings. The player will, therefore, have to understand and choose how to attempt to get the most Legacy Points, to be precise, and keep the glory of their nation alive for as long as possible.

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