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Firaxis Has Launched A Mod That Turns Civilization 6 Into The Fifth Chapter

Civilization 6 is a title that has been very successful, however, some players tend to prefer the artistic component of the fifth chapter, rather than the more cartoonish style of the new chapter. If you also think so, know that Firaxis has published the mod for you .

As reports, Brian Busatti (art director of Civilization 6) has published a mod that allows the use of the graphic style of Civilization 5 in the new chapter of the series. According to the description, the mod introduces a neutral color palette for buildings and new textures for the various types of terrain.

“The team challenged me to create an important mod using Mod Buddy and this is the end result. It’s just an example of how you can modify the visual component, I hope this can inspire you to create your own mods.“- stated Busatti.

Civilization 6 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC if you want to know more we refer you to our review.

What do you think? What’s the graphic style you prefer most?

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