Fortnite: 14-year-old Streamer Earned $200,000 A Year

If anyone still had doubts about the popularity and the amount of money that goes around Fortnite, Epic Games’ hugely popular Battle Royale, this story could give a good idea: a 14-year-old streamer earned $ 200,000 in one year thanks to video games.

This is a boy named Griffin Spikoski, whose nickname is Sceptic, who received a surge in popularity after killing the famous Tfue streamer, one of Fortnite’s celebrities, in-game. The video of the game has become viral online in no time and has given the Twitch and Sceptic YouTube channel a dramatic increase in subscribers, which now amount to about 1.2 million users.

Sceptic says he spent a lot of time on Fortnite to hone his skills, but he doesn’t know if that’s what he wants to do for the rest of his life. The money earned in fact intends to spend it on their education and buying a house, while his parents seem to have already hired a financial advisor to better manage the future earnings of the streamer.

The game, therefore, continues to be talked about. Despite the abandonment of Ninja’s Fortnite, at least temporary, there will always be new recruits who will continue to tell the Battle Royale with their live shows, gaining moreover no small numbers. What do you think of this situation? Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Fortnite Update 8.30 should arrive tomorrow.