Fortnite update 8.30

Fortnite Down: When Will The 8.30 Update Be Released?

Fortnite update 8.30 is expected this week, but when exactly will it arrive? In all likelihood, the patch will not be released today but will be published only tomorrow, Wednesday 10 April.

We are now almost mid-morning and Epic Games has not communicated anything about the update 8.30 and any downtime, so the update will almost certainly not be released today. Today, the company could simply announce the date and time of publication of the 8.30 patch, presumably available between 10:00 and 14:00 on Wednesday 10 April.

But what exactly will bring this highly anticipated new Fortnite update? Certainly important modifications to the vehicles including a Nerf for the Girosfera, Epic will also officially introduce the Restart van, special vans that will allow players to bring the teammates defeated by a rival team back into the game. Another novelty should be represented by the limited time Gun Game mode, furthermore, in the last few hours, two iron hatches made their appearance at the Shores of the Sacking and Retreat Retreat.

There is little left until the arrival of the 8.30 Fortnite update, in a very short time we will certainly know more about this important update, waiting for the Easter event that could start during the next week.

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