Fortnite Update: The Skins Of Football Arrive, New Patch Objects 8.20

Fortnite Update

The Fortnite shop is updated Tuesday 9 April with lots of new content including skins, pickaxes, hang gliders, spines, covers and many other objects, including the return of football shirts, introduced last year for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and now available again.

New Fortnite Skin

Among the items available in the shop today we find the complete set Soccer Skin, or eight different soccer themed uniforms (rare) for sale at 1,200 V-Buck each. Space is also available for the Cleat Pickaxe (Uncommon, 500 V-Buck), the Balloon Hang Glider (Uncommon, Free) and the Vuvuzela pick (Rare) for sale at 800 V-Buck. Among the other objects we report the return of the Arctic Assassin and Maggiore Munitions skins (1,200 and 1,500 V-Buck respectively), the Emote Red Cards (Uncommon, 200 V-Buck) and Kick-Ups (Rara, 500 V-Buck), the Pickaxe Icicle (Rare, 800 V-Buck) and the Hang Glider Viceroy Mark 1 (Epic, 1,200 V-Buck).

Leak Skin Fortnite

Fortnite Insider has continued to dig into the source code of the 8.20 update, discovering a series of skins, hang gliders and spines not yet available in the store. We report them below with the original names: Sea Wolf, Buccaneer, Seaworthy, Barrel & Booty, Plunder, High Seas. In addition, three objects (Skins, Cover, and Pickaxe) emerged on fire apparently linked to Fortune’s Lava Legends Package.