Fortnite: Will The Gyrosphere Undergo Changes With The 8.30 Update?

Fortnite Gyrosphere

The 8.30 Fortnite update is expected for the next few hours (presumably for Wednesday 10 April) and is expected to bring a Nerf for the Girosfera vehicle, among other things.

The giant rotating sphere should undergo major changes with the 8.30 patch, including improvements to the controls and a general weakening of the statistics, in fact, the vehicle was considered too powerful by the pro players and by a good part of the community, for this Epic could think to modify down the Gyrosphere statistics.

In particular, the update could modify the attack and resistance parameters, while correcting some bugs, such as the one that prevents being damaged following a storm in the final stages of the Battle Royale. At the moment, in any case, it is only speculation and Epic Games has not (yet) announced anything about it.

Fortnite 8.30 will arrive during the week today but certainly not today, considering the lack of communications on the matter. In the past few hours, two enormous iron hatches have appeared in the excavations of Sponde del Sacock and Rifugio Ritirato, that this event is somehow linked to the next patch? We will surely find out in the coming days or more probably hours.

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