Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima: Sucker Punch In Search Of A Narrative Writer

Together with Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima is certainly among the most anticipated products from the videogame community active on PlayStation 4.

From a job announcement published on March 29, 2019, in the ” Jobs ” section of the official website of Sucker Punch, Software House already known for, among others, the realization of inFAMOUS, we learn that the team is looking for a Narrative Writer who cooperate precisely in the realization of the game. Within the tab dedicated to the working position, we can read: ” Sucker Punch is looking for a Narrative Writer that helps create engaging narrative content for our next project, Ghost of Tsushima “. Among the responsibilities foreseen for this professional figure we find the ” Write high-quality dialogs within tight deadlines for a different cast of characters living in the world of the thirteenth century Japan “and collaborating for the writing of” missions for an open-world game”.

During November 2019, the Creative Director of the project discussed the Ghost of Tsushima development process, but there are still no indications regarding a precise publication date. 

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