How were hordes of zombies made in Days Gone?

An interesting movie behind the scenes has achieved nothing less than the designers of Bend Studios, who explain to us how the massive hordes of freaks were created, which we will be able to meet in play.

The world of Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic reality in which, due to a pandemic, people have been transformed into gruesome creatures called Freakers. The title, as you may have seen in the videos published during the development, allows the player to face huge hordes of monsters, undead that move like a river in full unstoppable, and to which we must escape by pivoting on our abilities alone, on few resources available and on the exploitation of every element of the game world.

So let’s go into the studios of Sony Bend to see closely the technologies and techniques adopted during the realization of all this, thanks to this interesting behind the scenes published by IGN: