Monster Hunter World PC: The Crossover Event With The Witcher 3 Arrives In May


Capcom has made it known that the special collaboration event with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will arrive in Monster Hunter World for PC on May 9th, as part of the sixth major update of the game.

The undisputed protagonist of the Project RED CD series, Geralt of Rivia, will make its appearance in the New World in an exclusive mission with RPG elements taken from The Witcher 3, thanks to which an unprecedented gaming experience will be offered for the hunting game. Along with the Strigothe fearsome Leshen, creatures that live in the heart of the forest and use their innate magic to control the flora and fauna within the territory, will also arrive in the New World.

The crossover event will bring with it a special assignment and an event mission. The first, called Guai in the ancient forest, will remain available forever and will take you as Geralt of Rivia himself. Completing this assignment with multiple endings will reward you with a special item, a gesture, a new background for the guild title, poses and titles. It will also allow you to obtain the materials to forge the “Geralt α” armor set, the “Witcher silver sword” (sword and shield), the “Cursed α stick” weapon and the companion armor set “Nekker α”.

The event mission will instead be called Spirit of the Forest and will be available from Friday 17 May to Thursday 30 May. According to the developers, he will have a difficulty similar to that offered by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Marcia Della Morte. By completing this mission, you will get the materials needed to make the “Ciri α” armor set and the “Zireael” double blades. You will also take deliveries to obtain the materials needed to make the armor styles of Geralt and Ciri.

The crossover event with The Witcher 3, we remember, has been available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since February. In view of the PC landing, the developers have assured that they have corrected all the bugs encountered in the past on the two consoles.