Fantasy General 2

Slitherine Announces Fantasy General 2, The Return Of The 90s Strategy

The developers of Slitherine, the authors of Drive on Moscow, announced Fantasy General 2, a sequel to the famous strategy released in the 90s. The revival will be faithful to the tradition of the original game, with turn-based battles and 75 different types of units, including some heroes with individual skill trees.

Players will have to take into consideration the type of territory, weapons, armor, magic effects, troop morale and the balance of the various forces in the field, to then draw up a plan, execute it and destroy their enemies, thus consolidating their reputation as a fierce and resolute leader!

Battle after Battle, the player will find himself having to forge and develop his army and make important decisions. The youngest will have to be trained and gain experience, and even the most inexperienced recruit can turn into a champion. But beware: the victories suffered can be worse than a defeat: when an expert unit forged by battle is defeated, their progress and experience are also lost.

Fantasy General 2 is set 300 years after the first, on the continent of Keldonia. With the continuation of the game, locations and characters from the previous game can be noticed, which will play a new role in the new campaign, which will be distributed on 30 maps each with its own environment, history, and challenges.


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