The Akira Prototype For Game Boy Sold For 3,000 Dollar

An eBay auction dedicated to four prototype cartridges of the Akira video game for Game Boy, production in the late 80s and early 90s but never completed and therefore not commercialized, has caused quite a stir in the past few hours.

The game’s prototypes have been online for some time, one of which dates back to August 1989, at the moment it is unclear who was working on this project and why it was never completed, considering also the discreet popularity obtained at the time by the film.

The eBay auction included four different prototype cartridges that a lucky bidder won for $3,000, at the time the prototypes were not leaked and it is likely that the buyer has no particular interest in publicly sharing the ROM.

Apparently, there are still other prototypes of Akira for Game Boy, some of which are very close to completion, the fans’ hope is that they too can be sold in the near future.