A Hawk For A Friend Against A Robot Army: Falcon Age Is Available Today For PS4 And Playstation VR

Falcon Age

Through a press release, Outerloop Games is proud to announce that its Falcon Age is now available on PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Falcon Age has been optimized for PlayStation VR (it will be possible to use motion controllers or a normal Dualshock 4), but it will be completely usable even without it. The developers wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the game, with different solutions designed for all Sony devices and platforms.

Falcon Age is set in a planet rich in history and culture, later lost due to the invasion of a colony of robots, which also reduced the entire planet to a desert land. The game puts the player in the role of Ara, imprisoned for a small infraction. While waiting for her destiny in solitude, she manages to make friends with a hawk and then escape with him. Once outside, they embark on an adventure to help the resistance, reclaim their freedom and drive away the invader once and for all.

Falcon Age is now available on PS4 and PlayStation VR.