A player invites to shame those who use cheats in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

A player from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, particularly fond of judging by what happened, publicly invited a PCgamer journalist to be ashamed for using cheats to finish the game.

Well, the player ended up against his will by becoming a meme to all intents and purposes.

The story was born with an article by the journalist James Davenport, an article in which he claims to have used cheats to take down the last boss of the game, all emphasizing that he is not ashamed at all for having the idea that everyone can enjoy video games in the way you prefer.

The ideology of the journalist has therefore clashed with that of a user, who has lavished himself on a real poetry with a moralistic message. The text, in plain language, invites the journalist to be ashamed for the “shortcut” taken. The serious tones of the user have inevitably triggered the hilarity of the community and the player’s comment has ended up becoming a meme to be dedicated to the most famous “cheats” in videogame history.

And how do you think about it?