Apex Legends: The Caustic / Gibraltar Combo Is The Protagonist Of A Funny Glitch

Apex Legends_ The Caustic

In the last few hours the news of the presence of a bizarre glitch that allows a devastating combination of Caustic’s and Gibraltar’s skills has spread among the Apex Legends players.

For some strange reason, it is, in fact, possible to hook up in a row six traps to the Gas Nox on the shield of Gibraltar, which can go around waving to the right and the missing the odd art attack. Needless to say, the players are seizing the opportunity to create the weapon and then immediately slip into the Bunker, a particularly narrow and crowded area where such a glitch can make the difference. It seems that the developers are aware of the problem, but there is no precise information on the publication of a corrective patch. I wonder if thanks to the problem in question the names of Gibraltar and Caustic have risen in the ranking of the most popular heroes since they occupied the last two places until a few days ago.

Did you know that someone has created a nice map by replacing the names of the areas with bars? Another user instead recreated the Borderlands intro with the playable heroes of Apex.

The Jib-caustic joust in action! (poor wraith) credit u/ZENBETH for the idea. from apexlegends